Year 2

Mrs Stokes & the Children of Year Two


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We made baskets for Easter.


Paperweights For Our Mums!

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In Science, we have been learning about the properties of materials.

Our teacher, Mrs Stokes, had the fantastic idea of using our science skills to create these fabulous paperweights to give to our mums on Mother’s Day! Thank you Mrs Stokes! The paperweights are very decorative and have a fossilised appearance.

Mrs Bryan helped us to wrap our paperweights in this beautiful purple cellophane, which we then tied a blue bow around. Thank you Mrs Bryan!

To make our paperweights, we had to each roll out a thick circle of plasticine, which we then pressed shells into to make a mould. We poured plaster into our moulds and waited for the paster to go hard, before choosing a colour to paint our lovely paperweights.

We really enjoyed making our paperweights! We even wrote instructions for making these paperweights in literacy, so that other people could try and make them. So, if you would like to make a super paperweight, just read these instructions!


Mother’s Day Vases

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Check out these absolutely fantastic vases that the Year Two children made to give to their mums on Mother’s Day!

Any Mum would be delighted to have one of these vases, don’t you agree?

Well done Year Two!


Mother’s Day Messages

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Year Two children visited Little Monsters Radio Station so that they could record these lovely messages for their mums to listen to on Mother’s Day!



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Look at this fantastic weaving that the Year Two children have been busy with!

As you can see, the children have used different fabrics and materials.

What fabrics and materials can you identify?


Observational Drawings of Natural Objects

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In Art & design, Year Two children have been busy creating these super observational drawings of natural objects.

Can you identify the natural objects?


Living in Walsall & Living in Struay

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We Dressed Up Today For ‘World Book Day!’

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Artic Adventure With Nintendo DS

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Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics (Wii)

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